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Aug 19, 2013 5:00am EDT
. detroit is $18 billion in debt. >> well, you know, schools good to great lengths to keep kids safe but some say there's nott enough protection when it comes to aveer weather. >> what one state bay do to change first we'll talk to tucker barnes. >> clouds in the area. otherwise a cloudy day. we have a summertime warm up on the way. vile your weather. julie has traffic. we'll do it after the break. [ female announcer ] is your conditioner doing the job? ♪ ♪ dry hair needs a daily dose of effective moisture. new dove daily moisture has pro moisture complex that goes deep down to hair's cellular level. it moisturizes to give you up to 5 x smoother hair in one wash. dove's most effective conditioner yet. new dove daily moisture. ♪ >> welcome back. a volcano spewing ash three miles into the sky. s the ash is covering the city. the volcano erupted for the 500th time just this year but this latest one is the biggest in decades. people were forced to hold towls over their -- towels over their mouths to breathe and train service stopped for a while. oklahoma is considering maki
Aug 23, 2013 5:00am EDT
new new york city and thet can see the cooler air working from the 60s to pittsburgh and detroit. we'll get in on that later this evening. 84 the daytime high, cooler thanit >> let's check in with steve and get an update on the morning commute. >> we'll take a look here quince orchard road in mont -- montgomery county. there's a check on the roadway between 117 at purchase street.. wires down in the roadway. over to the beltway near the american legion bridge, acrosscs the bridge right now. a little more volume.ume. picking up quickly there morning but nothing in the way. hopefully it stays prettile on 66. here we are on 66 near 123 moving smoothly. sm that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >> well, the festivities marking the historic march on washingtow they kick into high gear this weekend. >> there's a number of event ana road closures because a lot is i going on. matt is live in west potomac p park with a preview. he is up early. glad to see you this morning, matt. ahead of everybody already in place. good morning, matt. >> i don't know how do you it. you you know how
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2